Friday, December 17, 2010

To swim or not to during out season is the question

I recently came across this article and posted it on some friends Facebook page and got some eye brows raised. It appeared I pricked some traditional triathlon athletes awareness so I thought I might share my two cents. I have been using my out season for the past 7 years to focus on my swimming technique, strength and confidence and I have to say I have improved in all these areas but my swim times haven't really come down like they have with my running or biking. I do plan on hitting the pool at least once a week but I will focus more on biking and running and when I'm not S.B.R. I will go outside the box (pool) and continue to build my aerobic capacity with snow shoeing, cross country skiing, mountain biking, stair climbing, ice skating, weight lifting and yoga just to name a few. Having fun doing these other activities won't bring my swim times down but I'll at least get a chance to enjoy other sports and when the pool goes back to long course in March I'll be ready to specifically train for my up coming triathlon race season.