Saturday, August 22, 2009

How I survived a 20 mile run.

Twenty minutes before the start of the 8 am run I consumed 2 Endurolytes and 2 ounces of Perpetuem all washed down with water.

My wife came on her bike to accompany me for the run. She had her CamelBack which was half filled with water the night before and placed in the freezer and in the morning I topped off the rest of the bladder with water.

I wore my knee high compression socks. The result is I get NO calf or shin soreness after a long run.

The miles flew by because we did a lot of chit chatting on various topics on life and family.

To hone in on the perfect nutrition: I used two 24 ounce bottles of water (sip every 15 minutes), a 5 ounce flask filled with a pasty consistency of Perpetuem (sip an ounce every 20-25 minutes), 4 Endurolytes (take 2 tablets every hour) and I thoroughly enjoyed sips of ice cold water from my wifes CamelBack she had on her back.

I thought the weather was perfect with cool temperatures and some overcast clouds.

After the run (2:33:17) I had a bottle of Recoverite and a banana which were waiting for me in the car.

Having great companionship and the right amount of fuel made for a perfect long run.