Thursday, March 30, 2006

Great time!

Had a great tempo run on the track today during luch time. My warm up was from work to an out door track about a mile away. My plan was to run a steady 5 miles averaging 6:24 each mile. I was out in t-shirt and shorts enjoying the sunny day with 49 degree temperatures. After running 20 laps around the track I completed the 5 miles in 31:50 which I felt was a great time.

Today I signed up for the Wendy's International Triathlon!
The race is held on June 11th in Alum Creek State Park and is my first triathlon race of the season. We will swim 1/2 miles, bike 16.8 miles, run 3.1 miles.
I am getting all geeked up for the race season to start.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

3 Ring Circus!

Today's workout was like a 3 ring circus.

The first ring I jumped in was at 7:45am. It was a hilly 10 mile run. The run was on rural roads with very limited traffic. The weather looked threatening with gray storm clouds overhead, but the snow storm held off until later in the morning. I brought my playaway book on tape, Rich Dad, Poor Dad but it kept turning off so I stopped it and put in my pocket. I was left to enjoy the peaceful scenery, concentrate on my form, and think about the deeper things in life. I was able to maintain a steady performance averaging 7:30 miles.

The second ring consisted of a 15 mile bike ride with my Cleveland Triathlon Club. Before I took off riding I changed my wet shirt, pants and socks into dry clothes. We were scheduled to do a training ride which was 5 times around Hinkley Lake, a 3 mile loop, to help us familiarize ourselves with the Hinkley Duathlon Race course. We did this workout last Saturday and I wanted to push myself today to simulate race pace and mentality. It was good to be out riding with the club.

The third ring was to complete the workout with a run around the lake. I teamed up with a fellow club member and we enjoyed conversing about training. Our effort was hard at times but easy enough to save us from getting wiped out.

To summarize the 3 ring workouts:
10 Mile Hilly Run in 1:15.55
15 Mile Hilly Bike Ride in 51:00
3 Mile Hilly Run in 22:00

To top off all the fun I had with the workouts we later took the grand kids to see the Circus which came to town. And yes there was a 3 ring circus setup with acrobats, a clown, and some animals. No tigers maybe because of the animal activists protesting a few years ago about animal cruelty. If you ask me, just like I had fun with the 3 rings, the animals looked like they were also having fun.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Swim, Run, Bike, then go on a Vacation!

Today was a busy day! I swam for 20 minutes, and ran for 40 minutes. We also entertained friends in the evening. It was then later in the evening I realized my workout was not what it should have been. Instead of running (which I was supposed to do Tuesday on the track but had to forgo for my grandson's school play) I should have biked on the trainer. While watching American Idol (for the first time) I got on my trainer and did a 1 hour workout.
The exciting part of the day came in the mail. My wife and I got the papers and bill for a wonderful Cruise which includes an Alaskan Adventure. This is a trip we have been considering for over a few years to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. We are excited and are looking forward to this trip which is coming up this June 17th.

This will take us:

Here to explore:

For Cruise Tour and highlights click on link:
Alaskan Cruise

Monday, March 20, 2006

Confession of my swim!

It has been 10 days since my last swim! I would have swam more but the pool was closed all last week. I know no excuse. I could have swam at the Y. It felt good to be back in the pool though. My confession is I am not sure if I believe in all the fancy swim workouts we do as triathletes. My thought is that open water long distance swim training has to be different from indoor pool training. From what I am finding from all masters workouts and most books is that we triathletes train like pool racers. They use pull buoys, kick boards (I think paddles may make you stronger) and perform different strokes all of which I cannot find value in. I need to learn proper freestyle stroke not how to do back stroke, breast stroke, or butterfly. You don't see Faris Al Sultan doing anything but the freestyle stroke during a race. I have been swimming with some of the toys, performing technique drills, and speed intervals, an average of 2 to 3 days a week for the last 2.5 years. I did learn in that time how to do flip turns (not necessary for open water swims but fun to do in the pool) and breathe every 3 strokes which is called bi-lateral breathing. I am proud of these results but my times have not improved. I was averaging 2:00 for 100 yards 2 years ago and still average the same today. So as you can see I'm not a firm believer in all that fancy pool workout routines but I'm open to learn and tri. Lately, I just swim 20 to 35 minutes of a steady pace and am happy with that. But I want to learn to swim for open water racing. I do plan on swimming in the lake more this summer. Maybe I need to take the leap of faith and join the masters club and see if I get a swim life change. Maybe I need to pay mega bucks to have my swim technique analyzed with a coach and video. And maybe I need another 2 years of swimming after which I may have something else to say. Maybe I need it all. Who knows?

Saturday, March 18, 2006

My Oh My 100!

1. My parents immigrated from Hungry to the U.S. in 1956 and had 5 kids.
2. They did their best to raise 5 kids but the importance of education was not stressed at home.
3. I love my parents!
4. I had to repeat the 3rd grade.
5. Got expelled from St. Margaret's of Hungary in the 3rd grade,
6. And wonder how a cute little 3rd grade boy could do such a thing.
7. Attended an all black school from 4th to 6th grade.
8. Attempted to smoked my first cigarette in the 4th grade.
9. After choking and coughing I never smoked again.
10. Went back to St. Margarets for 7th and graduated from 8th grade.
11. I can speak enough Hungarian to make you laugh.
12. As a kid I have always felt I could do any sport and do it well.
13. I started boxing at age 9 and trained for and boxed in Junior Olympics and AAU tournaments.
14. All from which I learned mental self confidence.
15. The seed of running was planted in me during my boxing career.
16. I married my high school sweet heart when I was 20 years old.
17. I have 4 children: 25, 23, 22, and 8,
18. From the same wife!
19. Our 8 year old was not a mistake.
20. We named him Nathan which means (surprise) gift.
21. My four grand kids call me Papa Louie,
22. And I am the worlds greatest grand father!
23. My life changing experience happened when I was 20 years old.
24. It is when I confessed with my mouth that Jesus as Lord,
25. And believed in my heart that God has raised Him from the dead!
26. My wife and I were baptized (locked arm in arm we went under) together.
27. I learned to read by reading the Bible out loud.
28. Now I love to read.
29. I can whistle and it sounds beautiful when it echoes in the shower.
30. I can whistle with cupped hands which also sounds beautiful in the woods.
31. My wife and I went with my parents to spend 1 month visiting Hungary.
32. If I had to live in Europe it would be in Hungary.
33. Started college when I was 23 and got a B.S. of electrical when I was 29.
34. Singing and psalming with my heart to the Lord is my salvation.
35. Talking to God gives me the sense of life and peace.
36. I know the difference between my soul and spirit.
37. Learning how to follow the inner anointing is not always easy.
38. I am content with who I am, what I have, and where I am at.
39. I realize to live simple is to be spared from a lot of anxiety.
40. Exercising and participating in sports is my Zoloft.
41. I am living in a great country at a great time in the history of mankind!
42. Know thyself is a phrase I am reminded of many times.
43. Writing down this list is a creative exercise of my mind,
44. And I wonder how a psychologist would analyze this list.
45. I like to K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid)!
46. I enjoy finding objects in the night sky.
47. A recurring dream I have is me flying.
48. I want to have my fathers attitude of being young in heart
(He says he's still 39),
49. And my 8 year old son's spirit of enjoying so much of life!
50. To me longevity is to be right with God, man, and yourself.
51. I don't always like what goes around comes around,
52. But I realize what you sow is what you reap!
53. There are 6 words to live by; I am sorry! I love you!
54. I realize we go through times and seasons, ups and downs, so I am reminded,
55. And this too shall pass.
56. I want the left side and right side of my brain to live in harmony.
57. I don't want to live a lop-sided life.
58. I like to apply, "organization is the key to efficiency", to all aspects of my life.
59. Wilderness backpacking is good for my soul,
60. Because I am reminded that it is great to be alive!
61. I started running the summer of 1986,
62. Because I woke up one morning and saw I had gained 15 pounds since the 12th grade.
63. It was the cheapest and obvious decision for me to get started in running.
64. After 1 month of 3 miles running every other day I lost the 15 pounds.
65. Ran my first 5 K after 1.5 months of running.
66. After 18 years of running and racing from the mile to marathons I finally did a triathlon.
67. I love triathlons because I can swim fast, bike faster, and run the fastest.
68. Triathlon training has made me more physically stronger than I have ever been.
69. Since eating right and exercising I weigh less than what I did in high school.
70. I am running faster than I have in the past 5 years.
71. Maybe one day I might hear a race announcer shout, "Papa Louie, You are an Ironman"!
72. Eating healthy is important to me but I am not a snob I'll eat a hot dog once in awhile.
73. I can miss a workout with the club for family obligations (like grand kids school play),
74. But I'll get irritable if I miss too many workouts in a row.
75. The secret in this selfish sport is to find balance in my life.
76. This summer I am going to try a fresh fruit and vegetable (with some juice)
diet for 1 week.
77. I'd like to learn about sports management when I grow up,
78. It would be my way of giving back to the sport.
79. I bought a unicycle after having one over 30 years ago,
80. And I can still ride a unicycle.
81. My son wants me to teach him how to ride a unicycle, I bought him one for his birthday.
82. To teach requires patience and I enjoy teaching things I know.
83. I enjoy inspiring and encouraging others regarding health and exercise.
84. I appreciate all the encouragement and support that multisport athletes share.
85. It is important to remind myself and others to have fun in the sport we do.
86. I need to run and walk around barefoot more than I do,
87. So that I can absorb the energy from the earth.
88. I think I have beautiful feet,
89. But I would love to have a pedicure!
90. My body is a temple for the Lord, so I eat right and exercise my body in multisports.
91. The "thorn in my flesh" is in my shoulder.
92. I wish I could find a solution to remove the thorn,
93. But maybe His grace is sufficient for me.
94. I am glad yoga teaches me how to breathe.
95. I breathe in for revitalization and breathe out to cleanse my body!
96. Where do I go from here?
97. I press on toward the prize!
98. Day by day and moment by moment.
99. To a high calling! To be complete!
100. Looking forward to my 100th birthday so that I can bike 100 miles!

Hinkley Duathlon Training

My Cleveland Triathlon Club had a training session to help prepare us for a Duathlon race on April 9th.
The course is a hilly 3 mile loop around Hinkley lake. The training schedule called for us to bike 5 loops then run 1 loop. I got there a little early to squeeze in a run before the club members came. There may have been 10 to 12 club members that came out on this beautiful sunny 25 degree morning.
Most of them showed up with their mountain bikes due to the cold weather.
We started out at a nice and easy pace. I realized the last time I was out riding was back in November and my riding confidence seemed to have waned. After about one half mile riding I noticed my front wheel wobbled like the front wheel on my car did when the wheel alignment went out. It must have been the road because it never happened for the remainder of the ride. I can't wait to get my bike out more because spinning on the trainer is not the same as riding out on the road.
We will have another training session next week Saturday.
I did this race last year as my first duathlon and had so much fun with it I won my age group category. Last years results: Hinkley Duathlon 2005

Friday, March 17, 2006


While I was spinning away on my bike trainer (getting my hour workout in) a thought came to me. I have been reminded do not take things in life for granted. And I thought why not record the things I am thankful for these days. Here are some of the things I'd like to share with you that I am thankful for.
Today - the here and now.
Breath - that sustains me.
Faith - to believe in something unseen.
Hope - to participate in the unseen.
Love - to enjoy all pertaining to life.
Encouragement - I can give and others give to me.
Strength - to physically challenge myself in life.
Fun - I am having these days!

This may be a growing list.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Is this a rest day?

Today was rest day from any triathlon training or was it?
* If you don't count the 30 minute ride on my unicycle in the park with
my son following me on his bike.
* The 30 minute core workout with weights on the ball.
* The 15 minutes spent learning how to freemount the unicycle (and I am proud to say,"I can freemount" which means I can get on the unicycle unassisted).
Then maybe it was a rest day and all the fun I had in extra physical activity shouldn't count towards triathlon training. Not!
My online training log Beginner Triathlete added a Unicycling sport category at my request. Now I can record my unicycling along with my other triathlon training workouts. I guess no rest day for me if I'm having fun playing.

According to the Unicycling Society of America 10 Skill Levels of Unicycling I can say level 1 is in the bag and now I can start to practice some of the level 2 skills.

mount unicycle unassisted
ride 50 meters
dismount gracefully with unicycle in front

mount with left foot
mount with right foot
ride 10 meters between two parallel lines 30 cm apart
ride a figure eight with circle diameters smaller than 3 meters
ride down a 15 cm vertical drop
make a 90 degree turn to the left inside a 1 meter circle
make a 90 degree turn to the right inside a 1 meter circle

I was told by some that I might have to participate in a triathlon with some handicap by using my unicycle instead of my Quintana Roo Kilo. Now doesn't that sound like fun?

Saturday, March 11, 2006

St. Malachi 5 Mile Race

Race Day secrets of an age group winner!

Breakfast: 7:30 am - Banana, a bowl of vanilla almond granola cereal with soy milk topped with flaxseed and honey. A cup of black tea with my wife.

Morning Walk 8:00am - 2 mile walk with my wife on a beautiful sunny, 50 degree morning in Garfield Park. Popped 2 Ironman Energy Booster pills.

Warmup: - 2 mile easy run out and back covering the last mile of the course with Dave M.

Race: 9:45am - Race began with a down hill strecth so I remind myself go easy because the first mile goes fast. My stop watch does not record splits and after hitting the first mile in 5:40 I felt comfortable. I was not too concerned with the time and ran on how I felt. I don't remember the other splits. After 2.5 miles in the race I caught and passed the lead woman. I have to mentioned that because I have never beat her in the many years we raced together. She's a tough runner. After 3.5 miles I caught up with Bryce (I met 2 weeks ago from SERC hill workout). We ran together and encouraged one another up to the final hill to the finish. He made a comment we'll see how the hill workout pays off. I was able to pull away the last 1/4 mile. I was hoping to break 30 minutes and finished 29:30 and took 1st in 45-49.

Cool Down: - 2 mile easy jog.

Introduced myself to fellow blogger DaisyDuc. Nice to have met you and I hope your first triathlon race goes well for you this summer. We'll be cheering you on.

To view results clink on link:
5 Mile Results

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Here is my Birthday Surprise Gift!

Wow! It has been over 30 years since I've ridden a unicycle and I was surprised that I can still ride one (although I have to relearn how to get on it without any help). I took it out for a spin in the neighborhood and after 20 minutes my quadriceps were burning, I was sweating, and my heart rate was pumping. My legs were more stressed out from riding 20 minutes on the unicycle than they were from the 7 mile tempo run (which included 4 miles at 6:22 pace) I did earlier in the day. Maybe riding a unicycle will help to improve my biking strength. Either way I am looking forward to relearning all the skills I had way back when and enjoy all the attention you get while riding. This was the kind of attention I got while out riding; a neighbor came out their front door to wave and watch me go by, a car pulls up to me and a passenger asks is it hard to ride? I said it's a good workout. Kids out playing in yard yell cool, way cool!

Watch these guys ride!!
Maybe one day you'll see me

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

2 miles Barefoot!

Ran 2 miles on the Treadmill Barefoot! It was an easy 7:30 per mile pace. The right foot has 2 tender spots one on the big toe and the other on the ball of the foot. The left foot has a blister the size of a pea on the big toe. I'm giving it a month for my feet to get callous where I can run comfortably on the treadmill before I run outside. There is definitely a difference running without shoes. I feel like my feet lands more on the ball of my foot and rolls to the toes for take off. Whereas with shoes the foot rolls from heel to toe. I also noticed my posture was more upright and not like I was dragging my body along for the run. I am sure I'll learn more with experience running barefoot at which time I will relate the info here.

Check out this news clip:What about Ken Bob?
In addition to having fun running barefoot I did 1 hour on the bike trainer and 20 minutes weight conditioning workout on the ball with dumbbells.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Running Barefoot!

Someone recently told me that I always have something new going on. The latest new thing for me is considering the benefits (if any) on running barefoot. I have been reading about running barefoot which looks and sounds like fun and have decided to try a little experiment.

1. Try 10 to 15 minutes running on treadmill 2 to 3 days a week.
First attempt: After 5 minutes feet felt tender and I quit after 8 minutes in fear of blisters.
Conclusion: Maybe after 2 weeks I can run 10 minutes.

2. If and when I can run 15 minutes on treadmill with no problems then I will run the 2 mile loop in Garfield Park barefoot!

Here is a couple interesting web sites on barefoot running
Running Barefoot
RunnersWorld Article

This was an aticle from
Running barefoot is associated with a substantially lower prevalence of acute injuries of the ankle and chronic injuries of the lower leg in developing countries, but well-designed studies of the effects of barefoot and shod running on injury are lacking. Laboratory studies show that the energy cost of running is reduced by about 4% when the feet are not shod. In spite of these apparent benefits, barefoot running is rare in competition, and there are no published controlled trials of the effects of running barefoot on simulated or real competitive performance.

I have to admit I am scepticle regarding any claim to running faster without shoes. Although as a kid running races up and down our neighborhood streets I would run barefoot and thought I was FAST!

This is only for fun and you probably won't see me running races barefoot unless I forget them at home or leave them in T2.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Birthday Food!

Toltott Kaposzta
This is one of my favorite Hungarian dishes!
English translation: Stuffed Cabbage or Pigs in a Blanket.
No one makes this dish better than my brother!
He made this for my birthday!

Dobos Torte
This is my weakness!
English Translation: None needed!
No one makes this better than my wife!

I cheked online for my UPS order on my surprise birthday gift and found they have rescheduled the ship date to March 9th. Not sure why that happened so sorry to say the suspense will continue until next weekend.

Friday, March 03, 2006

New weight loss program!

My holiday feasting season lasted from Thanksgiving to New Years day. On January 2nd I weighed in with an excess of FOUR pounds! That was the most I had ever gained in such a short time. I was surprised and wondered if maybe my metabolism was taking a big nose dive. As I look back I am glad I was not focused on how am I gonna lose the excess but my focus was improving my off season training.
Here we are March 3rd and after 2 months of:
3 days a week of about an hour and a half total core workouts
3 days a week of about 21 total miles of running
3 days a week of 3 hours total on bike trainer
3 days a week of about 3600 total yards of swimming
I can say not only did I shed the excess 4 pounds but also an additional FOUR pounds!
So there you have it a new formula to shed the holiday excess flab.
You think it'll sell?

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

My Birthday gift is in the mail!

I am excited about my birthday gift that should arrive in the mail just in time for my birthday. I can only say it will be fun to use and that it is a new exercise equipment that should help me with strengthening the core muscles.
Anyone want to guess what it is?