Sunday, July 13, 2008

Looking across the lake.

What do you see when you look across a lake?
My wife and I were out on a morning bike ride around Deer Creek lake and we stopped by this grassy point over looking the lake and after awhile of enjoying the view I asked her what she saw out there. She said she was wondering what the land looked like before the lake was formed from the dam. She was trying to figure out what the land was before the flood. I on the other hand, was wondering how long it would take me to swim across that smooth lake. I was thinking about, my what a good workout I could get in on that beautiful lake. We laughed at our romantic ideas and got back on our bikes and continued our ride.

Later that afternoon I was able to get a nice open water swim across the lake. The swim felt so good that I didn't want the swim to end.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Running is out of the question.

It was a beautiful day and I felt good to be out running in the park, enjoying the scenery and sweating, but the run lasted for only 15 minutes. My bum knee cut my planned 30 minute run short. The knee got banged up from a little bike spill I had almost 2 weeks ago. I also found out today that my right wrist does have a broken carpal bone in it. I guess no serious training and racing is on the calendar for the month of July.

I've been swimming everyday this week and that seems to be OK except when I push off the wall after a flip turn I get knee pain and when I try to pull myself out of the pool I get pain in my wrist. The pain isn't too bad, though.

Biking is OK, but it takes me about 5 miles into the ride before my knee feels good. I just can't stand or climb hills too much.

My training for this week has been a swim focus, where I swim every day and alternate hard and long day workouts. Next week will be a bike focus. I'm hoping to get back into running after next week.

Saturday we leave for Deer Creek State Park for a week long of family reunion time. We are looking forward to having a relaxed fun time.