Thursday, October 12, 2006

Taper week update

Monday - 50 minute Yoga workout. 3 mile walk in morning and 2 miles in the afternoon. Good thing I didn't have to work.
Tuesday - Interval track workout of 6 x 400 meters (average 74 seconds per 400m).
Wednesday - 35 minute swim.
Thursday - 3 mile run in 19:05
Friday - 25 minute swim and 50 minute Yoga
Saturday - Drive the marathon course
Sunday - Run the marathon!

Tuesday, we watch the inspirational movie of swimming the English Channel, On a Clear Day. One of the lines my son got a hilarious laugh was, 'my friend could fart in German'. I have to admit I also got a good chuckle out of it. And while I was swimming the next day the line came back to me with the sight of my son laughing it made me laugh. The problem was that I took a gulp of some chlorine water which was not good. I had to think of something else to keep myself from laughing while swimming. I realized you can't laugh while swimming.

On a scary note. My daughter caught a flu bug last week and my wife got it earlier this week. She got a throat culture on Tuesday and on Wednesday it came back positive with strep. I'm thinking, 'Oh no,' I can't get sick before this weekend. I was almost tempted to start taking antibiotics to ward off the bug. But I was advised not to mess with the pill unless I was tested positive and prescribed by my doctor. It's Thursday and I'm feeling great. I need to remember to wash my hands a lot and not to put my fingers in my eyes, nose, and mouth.

Everyone have a great weekend.
See you in Columbus.
My Bib number is 1096


Cliff said...

Papa Louie.

Have a great race this Sun.

Sometimes when i swim, I think of some funny thoughts as well. I would jsut grin the whole way. So anyone who see me underwater must thjink i am crazy or something.

Jodi said...

Good to see your taper is treating you well. I agree with the antibiotic advice. It is quite rare for an adult to get strep. The virus she had to start with would be much more likely to be transmitted through the house. Eat a lot of vitamin C and wash your hands constantly!

Great to see that you're working on your swimming. You will be an absolutely unstoppable triathlete when you get that final piece of the puzzle tied in!


Redpiper said...

Have a great race. I hope that you're family is back to good health soon!

Redpiper said...

YOUR family :)

TriSaraTops said...

ROCK that course, Papa Louie! :) I'll be cheering for ya from home! Can't wait for the report.

Anonymous said...

Good luck Sunday.
Hope you don't catch the bug and that the family gets well soon.
Looking forward to the race report!!

JeffM said...

Have a great race Sunday- you're ready! You'll be laughing as you fly past everyone1

Anonymous said...

i'll be thinking of you during my 10 mile sunday run, you'll be running a complete marathon in the time it takes me to run the 10! hope your family is well soon! have a safe trip down to columbus and enjoy the marathon i hope you win! ;)

BuckeyeRunner said...

Good luck in Columbus this weekend!

Ellie said...

Columbus is one of my favorite marathons, done it 5 times now. Not this year though... Ironman Florida coming up.

Keep your hands washed!

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