Friday, June 29, 2007

Help! I can't swim!

It's lunch time and I'm in the pool doing my laps and feeling fast and strong. I think my swimming has improved in the last 4 to 5 weeks, probably because of the added mileage I've been putting in the pool, that is, until the life guard waves me over to the first lane so that he could tell me something about my swimming style.

He tells me that when I lift my head to breathe the rest of my body does a fish tailing dance. He also points out that my right hand crosses over the center of my body and as a result I don't get a good catch of the water. He tells me between the fish tailing and improper catch I waste too much energy.

He tries to show me what to do and I think I understand what he's trying to show me but when I put it into practice I still feel like I'm fish tailing and don't quite have the proper catch.

I found on where it states: "Crossover: When your hand enters the water at the beginning of each stroke, you must ensure it doesn't cross your body's imaginary mid-line running from head to toe. Crossing over puts a tremendous amount of strain on the shoulder joint and makes your body fishtail or swing from side to side, increasing drag.
Prescription: Single-arm and catch-up drills. Exaggerate the width of your entry point. At first it may feel as though you are entering far too wide, but this is simply because relative to where you were entering, it feels wide. Video analysis is usually necessary to monitor progress.

Now I need to figure out how to do the single-arm and catch-up drills.

I've got to find a swim coach to help fix my problems.

Next week I take the family to Deer Creek State Park for a week long family reunion. I'll not only enjoy time with the family but I get to enjoy swimming in a big lake, biking country roads, and running around the park.
Everyone enjoy time with your family & friends during this 4th of July.
Life is good!


JenC said...

I used to do that too. I've been told to imagine reaching for the lane lines, so you keep it wide.

Laura Kessler is an excellent swim coach and she gives CTC members a discount.

Good luck and have a fun weekend!

Mallie said...

Have fun with the family. I'm sure you'll sort out your crossover.

Eric said...

Think 1 and 11 o'clock when your hand enters the water, then pull straight back to your hip.

Single arm and catch-up drills are to be done slowly so you think about where your hand is entering.

Charlie said...

My teacher Steve at ND collage in south euclid worked on these same issues with me. Drills helped more than yardage.
I can give you his info if you like.

JeffM said...

When I did swim class last year we did catch-up drills. My coach told me to bring the arm all the way back- I was only doing half a stroke. Once you straighten out your arm movemnet you'll be fast.

Kewl Nitrox said...

How cool is that. I wish that the life guards here would wave me over and give me some free advice about my stroke.

Oh, and I do the cross-over too, Will try to reach wide.

Brian said...

I wonder if I do the same thing. I always feel as though I get very little pull from my right side. Hmmm!

Colleen said...

Hope the reunion went well! I need to get back in to the pool!

Tri-Dummy said...

that is exactly how I learned to swim...

from lifeguards!

I listened...unfortunately, I still suck! :)

Deb said...

Swimming is not my favorite thing...gets pretty technical. Enjoy your time at the reunion!

be well!