Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Sweet Corn Chellenge

Today's bike ride I did with about 2,000 other riders where we participated in the Sweet Corn Challenge in Richfield, Ohio. The bike route meandered in and out of the beautiful Cuyahoga Valley.

I signed up for the 50 mile route. The highlight of the ride was the 3 optional challenging hills. I decided before the ride that I would do all three. The first 2 were early in the ride and only a few people riding near me took the challenge. The last challenge was near the 40 mile point and I noticed no one came with me to take the hill. After climbing up the hill I realized why. It was the toughest and made the ride to extend an additional 6.5 miles. All I could say while climbing up the hill was, "this is for the half ironman race on August 19th". I enjoy those little extra efforts put forth in training to help boost my confidence needed for race day.

I used my GPS to record my ride.
My max downhill speed was 42 mph.
Total Ascent 4,757 and Total Descent 4,815.
Total ride time 3:24:34 for 56.5 miles


Deb said...

Great ride but that hill sounds like a killer. Every little bit will contribute to 'the big' race! Can't wait to read how you do!

JenC said...

Way to take on the optional killer hills! I have yet to do that. Maybe some day.

Tri-Dummy said...

Great idea to take that extra bit of work. Training hard makes racing easy.

Kewl Nitrox said...

Another deposit into the Ironman bank!

Anonymous said...

Taking on the extra hills is great!! Nice riding.

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qcmier said...

Great seeing you out there.