Sunday, April 27, 2008

Legs at the Hinckley Duathlon

This is a profile graph of the Hinckley Buzzard Duathlon race.

The course is a 3 mile loop around Hinckley lake.
As you can see from the graph it is HILLY.

My plan for the race was to run the first 3 miles easy in around 18 minutes, bike the 5 laps averaging 20 miles and then to finish the last 3 miles faster than the first loop.

For the warm up I biked the 3 mile loop at an easy pace. I used my Garmin to get the elevation chart. After the ride I did some light stretching and then ran an easy 1.5 miles.

The race began with a 3 mile run. I felt strong while trying to keep my pace under control.

The bike portion was the same loop but we had to ride it 5 times. I was able to maintain a steady pace but I felt my legs didn't have the strength to push through the hills.

I was in awe as I watched some of the stronger cyclist whoosh by me. Some of the things I noticed was, the aero position they were in, what gear they were in, and the powerful looking cycling legs they had.

What I enjoyed the most during the final run portion, was passing the same guys that I envied. It was my running legs that smoked a few of those sexy cycling legs, that made me think if it is possible, one day I will have both running and cycling legs.

Male results of the Duathlon Race


duchossois said...

Nice job at Hinckley. I know what you mean about running versus cycling legs. I definitely have running legs rather than cycling legs, and for that reason I am reluctant to even try a duathlon.

B Bop said...

Indeed, there were a bunch of strong cyclists out in Hinkley that morning. My post-race GPS'ing showed ~300 ft. of ascending per loop.

Congrats on a nice race!

DaisyDuc said...

Congrats out there!!! That is the good thing about du's vs. the bi's!!!