Monday, January 26, 2009

Mardi Gras Marathon Week.

This is the week where all my hard marathon training comes to fruition. The 7 days leading up to the race is all about REST. Rest means no new home projects, heavy lifting (like snow shoveling), staying up late, or any other strenuous activities that causes me to stress my body or mind.

Monday will be either 3 easy miles or no workout. Tuesday calls for 4 x 400 repeats at 5K pace. Wednesday an easy 3 miler and travel day. Thursday and Friday is getting acclimated to the heat wave. Saturday is a 2 mile leg loosener. Sunday is race day.

My nutrition plan for the week will be to cut all sweets including my favorite dark chocolates. To increase my carbs with more fruits, veggies and some pasta stuff. Otherwise, I won't try anything new in my diet including a detox cleansing.

I will try a "news fast" but look for inspirational words and videos about running. I will remember to smile and have a good time from now and while running the race.


duchossois said...

You've done all the hard work already. Don't go out too fast, just find your groove, settle in, and you will have a great race.

triguyjt said...

enjoy.... race hard.....

live it..and love it..

you'll love nawlins

Deb said...

Sounds like a great plan! I especially love the 'news fast'. Although it's important, we can get too seeded and forget to focus on our goals (and life) in a positive way. Good luck and have fun!