Sunday, July 16, 2006

Buckeye Lake Triathlon

As many of you who are from the mid west area know that it was one blazing, sizzling, scorching, hot, hazy, and humid weekend. My saving elements from these weather conditions during the International Distance Triathlon were: my water bottle, 3 gel packs, and lots of ice cold cups of water.

Race morning I was up at 5:30 am from a sleepless night of camping at a party happening KOA camp site. It was a camper trailer weekend with special guest Chubby Checker. I didn't take the time to find him rather I went to Olive Garden to enjoy a whole wheat pasta spaghetti meal. For breakfast I had a banana, Cliff Bar, and some orange juice. I drank sips of water up to the start of the swim portion of the race. About a half hour before the start of the swim I slurped down a gel pack and chased it down with more water.

The Swim I thought went well. I did not have much problems navigating the 2 lap swim course and my effort felt like I was working hard but under control. I even felt my bilateral breathing was going well and that I was maintaining concentration on form and technique. It wasn't until I saw the race results that I noticed that my swim sucks. I finished 61 out of 75 finishers. Maybe one of these days I might learn how to swim.

On the Bike I started with a gel pack and washed it down with some water. During the ride I would drink 2 sips of water from my water bottle every 10 to 15 minutes. At the closing miles of the ride I squeezed my last gel into my mouth with the last few sips of water. My bike rank was 19 out of 75. The bike course was a beautiful rolling ride through farm country.

For the Run I enjoyed the 2 water stops where the volunteers were handing out ice cold cups of water. I was glad to hear them say, take as much as you need, because I gulped 2 cups and poured 2 on my head. I thanked them and ran on. My run rank was 5 out of 75. The run course was an out and back with lots of shady areas.

In conclusion, I had a great race probably because I was well nourished and hydrated. And don't let anyone tell you otherwise, a triathlon race does indeed start with the swim. I feel like I have so much catching up to do during the rest of the race but I guess that is what makes the sport so much fun.

To view my 14th overall place view the Buckeye Lake Triathlon Results web page.


trifrog said...

Runners can't swim and swimmers can't run - its an age-old triathlon paradox. But with time, both can improve to become better 'all-around' athletes. I'm sure that's what you'll see happen to yourself as you continue the path of a triathlete.

That's why the sport equalizes everyone because one's strength is another's weakness.

jessie_tri_mn said...

Nice race! Excellent 10K.

You know, if given the choice whether to be a better swimmer or runner in the sport of triathlon, I'd always choose running. This way you get to pass people instead of be passed :)

TriSaraTops said...

Outstanding race in very tough conditions! :) Way to go!

JeffM said...

Great hydration management and fantastic transitions!! Your swim time shows that you're human after all!

qcmier said...

Great job!!! You're only going to get better especially on that swim.

Cliff said...

Great race Papa Louie.

You must have smoked the run.

I always enjoy start slow and finish strong compare to the opposite.

Lana said...

Nice job! I feel your pain on the swim.

neese said...

excellent PL! way to smoke em on the 10k! :)

E-Speed said...

Haha I defy the runners can't swim paradox! I can swim and run, no if I could just figure out the bike!

Great job Lou! Sounds like you mastered the 4th sport, nutrition and utilized it for a great race!

Mojo said...

I wish I could run as fast as you! I guess we can't be great in every leg. That's what makes the triathlon fun. There is always a challenge we can tackle.

You did great! I think it would more fun to run by people at the end of the race. Great finish!