Friday, July 14, 2006

Swimming at the beach!

Today I had the chance to swim at Edgewater State Park Beach during lunch time. The water quality was good, and a water temperature of 74 degrees. Life guards were on duty both on the beach and out in the water floating around on a surf board. I told a life guard that I would be swimming back and forth across the beach by the buoys. It felt great swimming in fresh water and not in a chlorinated pool. I am hoping to hit the beach once or twice a week and if anyone wants to meet me for a lunch swim let me know.

Iron Yoga Review:
Anthony Carillo a nationally ranked triathlete guides you through a 60 minute strength training power yoga workout. The workout combines the use of light dumbbells (1-5lbs) with traditional yoga exercises. Since yoga is new to me I first watched the DVD before I followed along doing the exercises. When I did follow along using 5lbs dumbbells there was no way I could perform some of the exercises trying to focus on proper technique and balance. To complete the workout I ditched the dumbbells and even then had to modify some of the exercises from advanced to intermediate to beginner. This is good! I can see if I continue to use this DVD there will be improvement in my overall balance and strength.

Saturday I drive down to the Columbus area for the Buckeye Lake State Park Triathlon on Sunday morning. I will participate in my first and only International distance (1.5 K swim, 40K Bike, 10K Run) this year. I am looking forward to having fun.


neese said...

hey papa louie, good luck with the tri i look forward to the report! i remember edgewater, well i know the name from growing up in that area but had never been. they do fireworks on the 4th of july, right?

glad you like iron yoga, so do i. i'm going to give it another go on monday.

TriBoomer said...

I hope the race went well for you today.

Stay tuned...

Deb said...

LOVE yoga...shocking how adding even those lighter weights can make it wicked hard. Hoping your race day was fun!

E-Speed said...

Hope the race went well! Sounds like the Yoga DVD is fun!

trifrog said...

You'll get bored with one yoga DVD. Try these as well; I especially like the 2 from Yoga for Athletes and Baron Baptiste as they are without any 'props'. But the others are good for mixing it up and doing things a little differently each time.

Cross Training with Yoga II & III:
-Very challenging routines with a good combination of strengthening, balancing, and flexibility.

Unlocking Athletic Power:
-3 routines on one DVD. I can do the shorter ones to concentrate on athletic focus or core, or do the longer routine incorporating all yoga principles.

Yoga Conditioning for Athletes:
-Can choose whether to do regular routine, focus on flexibility, or focus on strength, or both.

Stretching for Multisport:
-Haven't picked this one up in a few years, but remember it being excellent and very 'yogic' before I discovered yoga.

Flexibility Training:
-I just got this one and it is more stretching based on yogic poses than it is a full yoga routine.

Yoga for Endurance Athletes:
-Bought this one, but haven't used it yet.