Monday, November 13, 2006

Camping and a Brick

My son joined the cub scouts which means I became a cub scout too. Whatever he does as a scout I have to be involve in some way or another. I have to work with him in his scout handbook to learn and earn 12 Bear badges.
The fun part of being a scout is we get to go camping. This past weekend we went on our first camp-out with the scouts. We stayed in a heated lodge with 14 kids and about 10 adults. We hiked, played capture the flag, had camp fires, and had an official flag burning ceremony. I never realized there was a method of getting rid of a flag that was no longer in use. I didn't want to mention that when our flag got trashed from bad weather, we just threw the ragged thing in the garbage. Now, I'll have to get rid of my old flags the way I was taught this past weekend.

On Sunday, I was able to spin on my bike trainer for about 45 minutes then run out the door for an 8 mile run. The run felt almost effortless. Maybe it was the bike warm-up that got my legs ready for the run because I felt like I was holding myself back from running faster than the 7 minute mile pace that I was on. Either way it was good to get a bike/run workout which I haven't done since this past summer.


JeffM said...

It's tough to get a brick in this time of year. Earning the badges together should be a lot of fun, especially since you're an experienced backpacker.

Lana said...

I haven't done a brick in forever...that's a great idea though.

Deb said...

What great time to spend wtih your son...he will always remember it! You fitness level amazes me!!

neese said...

aw you're a good daddy! sounds like it'll be a lot of good times!

trifrog said...

The flag thing is one of those 'now that you know...' obligations. Most people don't know the 'rules', but once you hear about them, you'll feel compelled to follow them out of respect. I won't put several flags up as decorations anymore after I learned there should only be one.

Anyway, keep working on the fitness badge, you may just earn it someday ;)