Sunday, April 08, 2007

Week leading up to the "great BM"!

I guess it takes all kinds of roads that lead to Boston, including heavy, wet snow covered roads. I managed to run 10 miles in our winter wonderland on the all purpose trails. The trails must have had 12 inches of snow on them, which made for a great cushioned surface to run on. I had fun making fresh foot print tracks in the snow. I didn't even mind my feet getting wet and cold. Besides I was enjoying the beautiful scenery in the park.

This week workouts include:
Monday - 30 minute Power Yoga with Graeme Street's Cyclo-Zen DVD
Tuesday - Kalahari Water Park with the cub scouts. I promise not to go crazy on the slides. If I get home early I'll do some 1/4 mile repeats on the treadmill.
Wednesday - swim 1000 meters and spin on the bike for an hour.
Thursday - 3 mile run at marathon pace.
Friday - swim 1000 meters and more Yoga with Graeme
Saturday - fly me to Boston
Sunday - 2 mile run on the Boston course or on the treadmill.
Monday - Run the great Boston Marathon (BM)

If anyone wants to track me online my race bib number is 3160. Click on the link and track me on race day.


E-Speed said...

Good Luck in bean Town Lou! Soak it all up! You will have a blast! Don't forget to high five all those Wellsley girls for me! Their energy will carry you for miles!

Neese said...

my tummy did a little flip as the days got closer to BOSTON!! I'm so excited for you, wish I could be there and hang out with Deb and cheer you all on!

Tri-Dummy said...

I'll be tracking my bros on Sunday for Ironman AZ.

I'll be tracking you Monday for the Big Bad Boston Marathon!

I'm excited for you! Praying for your safe trip there and a safe fast 26.2!

miss petite america said...

yeah! yeah! yeah! so excited for you!

qcmier said...

If I don't catch you before next Monday,

Good luck in Boston!!!

The Salty One said...

It's been a little harder than usual to get keyed up for the race with this SNOW!!! But it's melting and I'm getting excited and it's sounds like you are too!!

Maybe I'll see you sometime this weekend!

PS Be careful on the water slides!

JenC said...

Good luck Lou! Have a great time!

Brian said...

Enjoy all the wonderful moments Boston has to offer! I can't wait to track you on Monday morning!

JeffM said...

Good luck in Boston!!
That will be really cool to meet up with Deb.

colleen said...

You are going to rock Boston, PL! I can't wait to hear the post-race report!

Lloyd said...

Have a great time, Lou. It will be exciting to track you online.

You had a great training season. When you take the early miles easy, if will be difficult to hold back as it will seem like 100s or 1000s of runners are passing you. Then come the half-way point in Wellesley and then the steep downhill into Lower Newton Falls--you will still be cruising along and all of a sudden you will be the one passing the 100s or 1000s of runners.

Enjoy it all. Wish I was there with you this year.

DaisyDuc said...

Besr of luck Lou. This is going to be exciting for us to see how awesome you do!!!

Kim said...

Best of luck at Boston, and take all your clothing with you, it might be a wild race there this year! Have fun!

Mike said...

Hey Lou,
Hopefully it works out so that we can all meet in Boston.

Based on the latest forecast for Boston, it looks like that snow running at home may come in handy for you! ;-)