Thursday, September 20, 2007

In transition

It's that time of the year where triathlon race season comes to an end and yet all the wonderful strength and speed I obtained from training and racing can't be given up just quit yet. I am not ready to put away the swim suit or hang up the bike or put away the running shoes. I will continue to swim, bike, run, and whatever else that relates to being active before I pursue my off season training. The "in transition" phase of training will last until mid November followed by 2 weeks of total rest. I'll then start my off season training of building up a base of swimming, biking, running, and strength training.

To help me in my swim schedule during this time I am using for some structured workouts. I am hoping to ride the roads as much as I can and to ride the new mountain bike trail near my home. My wife and I are finding great hiking trails to walk and to get us in Grand Canyon shape. The trails are also looking good to run on. We walked barefoot on the Tree Farm Trail in the valley this past weekend. The trail was soft and smooth. I am planing on running the 2.75 trail barefoot this fall. I signed up for the World Wide Half Marathon which is a free run in October. Since, I plan on running about that distance on the weekends anyway I thought I might as well sign up to make my run more memorable.

Sorry for the mishap on my blog. I registered with a new and easier to remember URL.

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GP said...

Ooh, I lost you for a bit there! But I'm glad you didn't leave the blogosphere.

And — I love new online tools to explore! After my half on Saturday, I'm starting my off-season and need to get back in the pool. I think I've just started to lose my swim creativity, so thanks for the tool to help me get together a swim plan!