Saturday, January 12, 2008

Winter Sunshine

It could be 37 degrees outside but as long as the sun is shinning it's a beautiful day to be out enjoying the sunshine. After dropping off one of my families old clunker at the junk yard I rode back home on my commuter bike and managed to get 19 miles of riding on this fine sunny winter day. I don't mind the winter months but I do miss the sunshine. Sunshine sure helps with the winter time blues.

I still want to get out on my cross country skis this winter. I missed a couple opportunities we already had but, even if I have to make a "sick day", I've got to get out and enjoy the snow. Having the skis gives me a good reason to get out and enjoy the snow.

Starting Monday I begin week 9 of my 12 week off season cycling and core strengthening workout routine. I think being consistent is important in improving ones knowledge and overall health and strength. That's why I like having schedules. Give me 12 or 18 weeks of specific training and I'm all over it. I don't need motivation to get out and swim, bike, run, or do core training because I have a set time and it'll be over before I know it and hopefully, during that time, I learn something. Then I can move on to something else.


CP said...

Hey PL - It's been a while! It sounds like you're doing well. I remember all too well the days of winter, and wanting just a little more sunshine! Our temps are cold here, but blues skies, thankfully!

Brian said...

I admire your discipline and strive to be as structured in my workouts as you are in yours. If not, you'll leave me in the dust this summer!!

DaisyDuc said...

I really could learn something from your notion of structured workouts!

I really miss the sunshine in the winter too!