Friday, March 28, 2008

Multi-tasking while Freestyling

I find it amazing how much my mind and body are so active during my freestyle workouts in the pool. The structure of my workout is a Warm up, Build up (Drills), Core (main set), then Warm down. During the workout I am focusing on so many things to help me become a more efficient swimmer.

I am thinking about having proper:
arm catch and high elbows,
having a strong flutter like kick moving from the hips,
breathing bilaterally,
stream line body position so that I am as slippery in the water as possible,
and becoming like a fish with shoulder and hip rotating as one.
Not to mention I'm trying to keep track of the 10 x 100 yard repeats in my head while swimming in a 25 yard pool.

Oh, did I just finish my 6th set or 7th set? I was chatting too long with the guy in the lane next to me and now I lost track. Anyway, I go with 6 and continue focusing on having proper bio-mechanical positioning in the water but then I'm thinking, oh no, I have to go pee...

If you like multi-tasking like I do then you'll find swimming is so much fun.


GP said...

I was just talking to a friend yesterday about how my mind wanders when I swim freestyle and that I need to fashion one of those touchpads to count laps and maintain workout sets. I often do my sets in IM order just to keep count... mostly when I'm doing greater distances. Even then, I start thinking about my stroke, my elbows, my kick, my work, my house, my taxes. And I have no clue whether I've swum 300 or 750 yards. Sigh.

Brian said...

Holy cow. You've just written my exact thoughts... except I don't know nearly as much about what it takes to be an efficient swimmer. No wonder why I'm so slow!

CP said...

I love my swim workout for that reason!