Sunday, March 09, 2008

Baby and all

Last week we drove to Baltimore to visit my son and his wife to celebrate the birth of our grand daughter, Arianna.
She is a bundle of sweet joy with an inquisitive mind of interest in all her surroundings.

My off-season Core training workouts finally paid off this past weekend. We had record snow fall and I was left to shovel my way out of my drive and then a couple of other neighbor drives. I didn't get sore from all the shoveling but I did get mentally whipped and I didn't have the strength to run my scheduled 7 mile tempo run for today. I was able to take an afternoon nap in the recliner while reading and all I could see when I closed my eyes was me lifting shovel after shovel of heavy snow and yet I wasn't making any progress in clearing a path. How frustrating was that.

I am looking forward to running my 3 key training runs outside rather than on the treadmill. The temperatures are suppose to reach in the high 40's by Thursday and maybe by then the track and trails will be clear of ice and snow. Running on the treadmill has been easy for me to hit my target times but I think running outside will be different. I can't wait to test my progress on the track soon.


B Bop said...
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B Bop said...

Man, I am more than ready to say good-bye to the treadmill for a while!

Congrats on the new arrival Grand-papa Louie.

TrainingtoTri said...

awwww congratulations. So cute!

Brian said...

I love the workout shoveling snow provides! Had some good workouts last week. Enjoy your grandchild!

CP said...

Congrats! Adorable!