Sunday, July 13, 2008

Looking across the lake.

What do you see when you look across a lake?
My wife and I were out on a morning bike ride around Deer Creek lake and we stopped by this grassy point over looking the lake and after awhile of enjoying the view I asked her what she saw out there. She said she was wondering what the land looked like before the lake was formed from the dam. She was trying to figure out what the land was before the flood. I on the other hand, was wondering how long it would take me to swim across that smooth lake. I was thinking about, my what a good workout I could get in on that beautiful lake. We laughed at our romantic ideas and got back on our bikes and continued our ride.

Later that afternoon I was able to get a nice open water swim across the lake. The swim felt so good that I didn't want the swim to end.


duchossois said...

So, I guess no one should be surprised that you were thinking about what it would be like to swim across the lake. By the way, that's a beautiful photo. Makes me want to be there.

CP said...

What a beautiful place for an open water swim! I bet it felt nice not having to flip every 25 meters!

Brian said...

Ouch! Didn't know your knee/wrist were banged up. Happy healing! I too would probably see a nice open water swim when looking across a lake!

triguyjt said...

how long did it take you to cross the lake????