Monday, February 13, 2006

Winter Training Update!

Core workouts include using Cylco-core and other Pilate DVD's with the exercise ball and some weights. During the workouts focus is on proper breathing. My goal is to build all around core strength before Spring race season begins. I have to admit the Cyclo-core workouts are getting a bit more comfortable to do. My son looks forward to the workouts with me. His goal is to get a 6-pack.

Swim workouts are at 3 times a week and range from 800 to 1700 yard steady endurance swims with some 50 to 100 yard pick-ups. My focus is improving technique. I wish I had someone to analyze my strokes. Maybe next year.

Bike workouts are still on the trainer 3 days a week with 1 hour sessions using the 17 week schedule. I am gaining strength and confidence with these workouts.

Run workouts include a Wednesday 20-30 minute tempo treadmill workout and a Saturday 8 to 12 mile long run at about 7:30 pace indoor or outdoors. Easy run on treadmill on Monday and Friday.


Wil said...

The trainer is so rough for me, I can't wait until Spring! Lookin' good, keep it up!

TriSaraTops said...

Great workouts! :) Thanks for the backpacking information...I'll have to check out that club! :)

Flatman said...

You are getting some smokin' workouts in! Keep up the good work!

E-Speed said...

7 and looking for a 6-pack, wow, i think i will wait for that until oh around 40 ;)

i need to focus on core too. uggh!

great job today at the tri! you rocked!