Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Apple Break - Fast

My little experiment of eating only apples during 2 days proved to me that I:
* have the ability to break ingrained old habits of eating whatever food I want.
* realize a change in diet takes time.
* can make smarter healthy food choices.
* can resist free pizza at work.
* have the strength to swim 20 minutes followed by 20 minutes of weight and core exercises.
* did not feel my energy levels were down.
* can survive 2 days eating only apples and probably can go longer.
* am free from excessive daily flatulence.
* felt my digestive organs were resting.
* still like apples.
* can curb the ravages of unnatural appetite.
* did not get irritable from missing all my wonderful meals.
* can do this again maybe next fall season.
* have so much to learn about proper diet and nutrition.
* thought more of my favorite food (see the picture) than any other food.

This little experiment was fun! It was done on my light week of training. The only workout I did was on the first day. I was supposed to eat 8 apples a day but I only ate 6 on Monday and 5 on Tuesday. When the hour came for me to eat I wasn't quite hungry so I would wait. I basically ate when I was hungry. I tried not to exert too much energy both days and even managed to get a 40 minute nap on Monday and a 20 minute nap on Tuesday. I don't quite know how to explain the restful and inner peace I felt both days but it was in me. Maybe I tasted the magic in apples!


E-Speed said...

I think I may have to try this after Boston!

Hilda said...

Now I am feeling completely full of what I have been eating during the day.

I don't think I could be able to do that at any stage...