Friday, April 14, 2006

more and more barefeet!

How many barefeet you meet
Barefeet in the morning
Barefeet in the night
Here come more and more Barefeet.

Meet my future running shoes. I just have to convince my wife these are worth 70 dollars of coolness. See the web site Five Fingers to learn more about these cute feeties.

In reply to some of the comments people have left:
  • Not sure if running barefeet has strengthen my road running but it is getting easier to run barefoot and I'm having fun.
  • I found that when I run barefoot at the track to warm up and then put my shoes on my feet felt loosen and are more flexible.
  • I believe with more time of running barefeet the benefits of running faster and farther will come.
  • I haven't tried juggling while running or while riding my unicycle.


E-Speed said...

lol on the juggling!

those shoes do look interesting. I think my toes would be too small though!

Cliff said...

those look so cool. I might want to get a pair if i am going ot run barefeet.

trifrog said...

Very cool! I like that they are shaped like a foot. One of the things I've been noticing is that most shoes are not shaped like a foot? Look at the toe area of almost any shoe (especially women's), then look at your bare foot. Is it shaped that way? I have Birkenstock dress shoes and they are so comfortable because they are not cushioned and they are wide at the ball and toe like a real foot. I need to find running shoes like that.

Hilda said...

I feel afraid of getting hurt with something because of being bare feet. Maybe trying with those could be easier.

iliketoast said...

They are the best looking shoes I've seen!

I hope you enjoy Columbus. It is a great race and ideal for meeting your goals.

Kewl Nitrox said...

I hate to admit it, but the shoes look a lil freaky to me. :)

My mom was an athelete representing her state (in Malaysia) and she used to run and do the high jump bare feet and still kicked all the well shoed athelete's butts.

If you can take the pain, it is supposed to make you much stronger and resistant to injuries. Me, I am just too much of a whimp to try it. ;)

Gene said...

Running barefoot is the best thing I ever did for my running!

The Vibram Five-Finger shoes are causing a big stir in the barefoot running community. They were recently endorsed by Pose running's inventor, Dr. Romanov (see for a video).

And you don't hurt your feet running barefoot, as long as you add it gradually and keep your eyes open. More injuries are caused by running shoes than by running barefoot.

Good luck!

psbowe said...

They sure look wicked, but looking forward to see how they do for you.

Gene said...

Louie - in response to your post in my running barefoot blog:
Running barefoot usually does mean you run slower. Gotta pay more attention to form and can't just blast through any terrain features - like gravel irratics, natural and man-made debris. Unless there is nice soft grass. Then you are fast! Try 800's on grass at a park or golf course - you will go just as fast or faster. Nobody said intervals must be done on a track.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Ok, I see these are really cool - but, shouldn't they be called "Five Toes"?