Saturday, August 05, 2006

2nd 20 miler in the bank!

Today, I ran my second 20 mile training run for the Columbus Marathon. I began to run with my new Fuel Belt, that was graciously giving to me from fellow CTC member, DaisyDuc, but found the belt too loose around my waist and it had so much bounce and jiggle that I felt funny holding my jugs, so I handed it off to my wife as she drove past me in the car, while on her way to meet me at the 2.5 mile mark.

A comparison of the 2 runs.
The course was the same for both runs.
1st RUN:
Start - 2 weeks ago at 7:00 am
Weather - light rain, 65 degrees
Company - Brian
Fuel - water from fountains on the trail and 2 packs of gel.
Pace - 7:12 per mile average
Finish Time - 2:24:01

2nd RUN:
Start - 8:00 am
Weather - sunny, 78 degrees
Company - "she who must not be named", (my lovely wife) on her mountain bike, keeping pace with me for 15 miles. She met me at the 2.5 mile point which was past the 2 major hills.
Fuel - plenty of water, no gels
Pace - 7:28 per mile average
Finish Time - 2:29:25

I think my pace suffered today because it was a hotter day and no gels to eat. I have 3 more 20 mile runs to get acclimatized to the heat and figure out the nutrition aspect of running long before the race. I think I'll learn something along the way.


Deb said...

Man you are fast!

neese said...

wow you are the man!
and hey, i'd feel funny holding my jugs too LOL


JeffM said...

20 miles with no gel- that's impressive. And the heat only took 16 secons a mile, you are good!

Lana said...

nice job! and how sweet of your wife to ride along side of you!

I would have had to shed the fuel belt as well. I am on my second one, as the first one i bought was too big, and it is way too annoying when it bounces like that.

Cliff said...

Great run....I would not imagine running so long with no gel.

qcmier said...

Nice to see you out there again. By the way, don't worry about the heat too much. Your race is in October; think cold.

Anonymous said...

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