Friday, August 25, 2006

Why the stork stands on one leg.

I have been learning the yoga exercises in this DVD and can manage to work through the routines but when it comes to standing like a Dork I mean a Stork on one leg performing the exercises with 5 lbs weights, boy oh boy, the pain.
After 2 minutes of standing on one leg like a stork I am ready to fall over. You think it's easy? Try it. Stand like the handsome couple in the picture without weights (try dumbbells later), arms out shoulder height, palm face out. Inhale with a 4 count and exhale with a 4 count. Then swing your left arm strainght in front at 90 degrees while inhale 4 count. Swing back to starting position while exhaling 4 count. Repeat with right hand. Then swing both arms to your center with 4 count. Hold and breathe in another 4 count then as exhale 4 count return arms back to starting pose.
My goal is to do this and the other challenging one legged routines in about 3 weeks. If I can stand on one leg for all the routines then I should me able to run a 3 hour marathon.


qcmier said...

Ugh, the more I read about yoga and pilates and the like, the more I know I will never ever do it again.

E-Speed said...

LOL I think its great that you are putting pressure on yourself to be good in disciplines other than running in order to improve your running.

Deb said...

Great core workout!!!I think I've seen something similar in Pilates. Not sure if the workout is bringing out the 'dork' iin you...but I say don't lose it!! ;) Keep us posted on your results.

jessie_tri_mn said...

When I first attempted yoga I had that pose in my head as something that everyone could do!

Then I tried it.

I was humbled and haven't been back to yoga since.

This will make you an even stronger runner!

JeffM said...

It looks easy, but I have trouble standing on one leg to get into the pose, let alone 2 minutes. Good goal, it will make you better.