Sunday, September 10, 2006

A day in the park.

Yesterday, was a beautiful day in the park for a run and bike ride. Brian came over early in the morning to run 20 miles with me. The temperatures were around 65 degrees and the skies were a hazy overcast but clearing as the sun was rising. We started out from my house and ran down the hills to reach the Cuyahoga Valley Park Towpath trail. After we hit the 3 mile mark in 20 minutes we thought, 'maybe too fast' but also realized it was all down hill to get there and that the pace would eventually even out. We were feeling somewhat comfortable and agreed that mile 12 through 18 would be a concentrated effort pace. The last 2 miles up hill was to survive and see what was left in the tank. This was my 4th 20 mile training run and was my best in time and comfort. Finish time was 2:18:10 which is a 6:55 per mile pace. For my last 20 miler in 2 weeks I do not plan on bettering that time. I will savor the moment that all my marathon training is in the bank and ready for me to cash in on race day.

The afternoon was spent riding bikes on the same Towpath trail with my wife, me pulling my son on a Trail-a-bike, and a couple of friends. Before we began our 23 mile ride we enjoyed a nice lunch at Hoggy's restaurant. The ride was at a comfortable pace, which was good for my legs to recover and move out the lactate acid. We all enjoyed the time together and couldn't ask for a more beautiful day in the park!


neese said...

sounds very nice PL! i kinda like the long run days when you keep doing something else later, by bedtime life feels so complete.

again, you are so fast, you run 20 in the time it takes me to run 10, :)

JeffM said...

Sounds like a very nice day in the park. That's a blazing 10K pace let along 20 miles- great run!

Deb said...

What a great day to celebrate family and health!

Cliff said...

What a great day, Papa Louie.

Best part about training for marathon, compare to training for half ironman and beyond is you can train in the morning and have the energy to spend the afternoon doing something else.

Lana said...

I cannot fathom running 20 miles anywhere near that fast - you are amazing! And what a great day - gotta love the family time!

trifrog said...

Check out this article about lactic acid:

This article doesn't mention it, but I've seen it elsewhere that lactic acid is only in your muscles for about 10min after production before the body has efficiently removed it.

None-the-less, the ride would have brought some much needed post-workout fluids to your leg muscles to aid in the healing process.