Monday, September 18, 2006

Season Finally of Triathlons

A week or so before the Portage Lakes Triathlon I checked the participate list and found my name on the International Elite Masters Triathlon list. For some reason I thought I signed up to race the sprint distance triathlon. In the back of my mind I was thinking I've got to run 15 miles at a 6:45 pace on Saturday and that on Sunday I'd be ok to race the sprint distance. It bugged me all week and even up to the day before yesterdays race whether to change my status from long course to short course. I decided to just run the longer race and have fun with the little extra pain.

The good the bad and the ugly:
Out of 127 overall finishers I finished the swim in 104th place. I guess I could have finished 127th but 23 other nice swimmers felt bad for me and let me pass by.

On the bike I somehow managed 57th place even though my legs didn't feel fresh. It must have been the 15 mile run the day before and moving grandma. Carrying the washing machine up and down stairs was a little heavy without a dolly.

When it was time to run all my troubles seem so far away. All the fun was kicking in and I remembered this was my last triathlon for the season so I better finish strong. I finished 6th in the run.

Now my attention and focus is on Columbus marathon which is in 4 weeks, then REST (i think).

37th Overall
3rd place in the Triathlon International Elite Master division.


Lloyd said...

Way to go Lou!

An olympic distance tri as a recovery day? Nice.

Good luck in your final weeks to the marathon. I look forward to watching the all those running at C-bus this year.

JeffM said...

Wow- those are great numbers without being tired! You belong in the elite division. If it makes you feel better, I would have finished behind you by a couple minutes in the swim.

Michele said...


jessie_tri_mn said...

Nice race!

With that awesome run split, I bet the energy you got from passing so many people who out swam you or out biked you was encouraging.

Great way to end the season.

qcmier said...

Nice job, Good to see you there. Wish we could have chatted a bit more. Next time.

neese said...

way to knock out a tri during your marathon training!! :) nice finish PL!

Cliff said...

Papa Louie,

You clearly proved it. It is all about the run.

Deb said...

Very nice!