Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Run Home!

I will start when the gun goes off.
I will run for 5 miles.
Feeling good, I will run to the 10th mile.
At the 10th, I will say, "only 3 more to the half way"!
At the half way mark, 13.1 miles I will know 15 is in reach.
At 15 miles, I will say, "you've run 20 before keep going"!
At 20, I will say, "Run Home"!
The Poem ' Strategy for a marathon' by Marty Mueller.

This poem will be one of my inspirational mantra during the Columbus marathon.

I think I have enough faith in my training schedule and feel I should be physically fit for the race. But I also realize positive mental mind games will be a determining factor for a top performance. And so, I have been focusing on positive thinking and well speaking while running. I am also reading inspirational books and writing down positive thoughts to help prepare my mind for the big race. If all goes well I am looking forward to having a great race.

Follow this link for a little movie clip on the Marathon Course Preview


JeffM said...

One month to go! I think you're ready and primed to place very high up.

trifrog said...

I presum you've read 'Running Within' by now?

Recently I saw something that insinuated that the difference between the best athletes is the mental aspect. They all have the physical genetic makeup to be there, but have they all done the mental prep?

E-Speed said...

cool link! all marathons should do that!

Papa Louie said...

Yes, I've read 'Running within' and it was probably the book that help me realize the body, mind, and spirit connection in running.
The positive visual techniques during running and racing was also helpful.

jessie_tri_mn said...

Thanks for the poem, fits with my mindset right now :)

It's so true that the mental game can make or break our physical capabilities. We all know you're a speedster, now we know you've got strong resolve as well.

neese said...

i like that approach, very nice. i may have to check out "running within"