Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Barefoot stuff!

I think I found another cool way to help strengthen my foot muscles. It's doing my weight training workouts, barefoot. I still enjoy running barefoot but have had to wear shoes while it's cold outside. I'll get some barefoot running on the treadmill during the next few months. But till then I'll enjoy my strength, yoga, pilates, and some cardio workouts barefoot.

My favorite off season workout this year is the Cyclo-Core DVD. When I first attempted the workout I was shocked at how hard the workout was. I not only could keep up the pace but I couldn't complete the repetitions. It wasn't until after about 2 to 3 days a week, for 3 weeks was I able to keep pace and complete the reps. Now, I can increase the weights and do all the exercises barefoot. And I get a good sweat going too.

I finally found a good deal on ebay for the Cyclo-Zen DVD workout and made the purchase. I'm looking forward to this workout. I'm sure it'll put me to the test but it'll also make me stronger.


JenC said...

Your barefoot theories are intriguing to me. I always have foot problems. Be careful not to drop the weights on your toes though!

Paul said...

Falling heavy objects on feet are bad ummmkay. :)

Bare foot running is pretty fun (on sand at least). I'm just not interested in building up the calluses required for other surfaces. I end up training in racing flats, vibram five fingers, and modified Nike Free's(knife and disc grinder to remove the sole).

Keep it going!


JeffM said...

The club I go do has a cyclo-core class and they say it is great- but it's when I'm at work.
Had a chiropractor tell me that barefoot running is actually good for building foot muscles.

Deb said...

I've been a lot of high intensity intervals while spinning and it's amazing how hard it is. I'm up to about eight, 30 seconds full sprint and 1 1/2 min recovery. It should help kick up my metabolism.

TriBoomer said...

Thanks for the reminder. A tri-buddy of mine recommended Cyclo-Core and I never did look for a copy to buy... not until now.

Happy training.

Stay tuned...