Sunday, January 28, 2007

What's to eat.

I've had family and friends ask me if I consider myself a vegetarian. They notice I don't eat much meat and eat weird things like hummus and tabouli on a whole wheat pita bread. My first thought is heck no and I wouldn't claim to be one even if I didn't eat meat.

My feeling of people who claim to be a vegetarian or a vegan guy or some other diet nut are like those who claim to be a Pentecostal and say all other Christians are far from the truth. To take an extreme stand of eating certain foods because you think it's better than the rest is to be exclusive. But, to be inclusive by eating many types of foods and to learn what is their nutritional value, is good. To eat in moderation and to enjoy variety is probably where I stand when it comes to eating healthy.

I don't eat meat regularly but when I visit my family who love to have stuff cabbage, a honey ham, and a baked turkey for dinner, I can't turn my nose up on it and say, I don't eat meat. Instead I'd take small pieces and enjoy it all with thanksgiving.

If I choose to eat something, whether it's meat or a box of pasta, I choose it for it's nutritional value and how it will fuel my body in a healthy way. And if you catch me eating some type of Mediterranean food, it's because I enjoy it's nutritional value and taste, not because I'm going vegetarian on you.


Tri-Dummy said...

Interesting perspective of vegetarians, Papa Louie.

I, too, am a meat eater; however, I prefer to "arise, kill, and eat" my own dinner.

Great post.

Kim said...

I am a meat eater but I do LOVE my homemade hummus and tabouli!!!
Also homemade polenta...

Deb said...

I'd love to say I 'eat to live', but I enjoy it far to much and frankly, believe it's an important part of our culture. To eat and enjoy the things this world provides with the ones we love. THAT is living!

JeffM said...

Your eating style is one of the reasons you're such an amazing athlete!
My eating discipline is getting better, but still not what it should be.

colleen said...

I consider myself a fishatarian. I have never been a fan of the texture of chicken, beef or pork. I try to only put good, nutritious things in my body but on occassion I like to live it up with something I could probably do without!