Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My 2007 athletic goals.

I think setting some athletic goals for 2007 will be a good motivator in my training. The goals will keep me focused and on track for racing. I am glad to list my race calendar for this year and look forward to having fun times.

The highlights for this year will be running the Boston Marathon and completing my first Half Ironman Triathlon.

I began training for Boston on December 26th. Part of my training for Boston includes running in a half marathon race on March 4th. Other than the one race, all my training is focused on running Boston in under 3 hours.

After the marathon I will focus more on swimming and biking for the summer triathlon race season.

For those of you who have set some goals for this year I wish you great success. And remember to enjoy life to the fullest.


colleen said...

Those are some great athletic goals. I wish you all the best!

Tri-Dummy said...

+1 w/colleen!

Really cool that you're running Boston...Best of Luck to you, Papa Louie!!!

Michele said...

I work better with a schedule and a plan. That is a great schedule you have set up for yourself.

Good luck at Boston and your first half iron.

Neese said...

I'll be tracking you during the Boston Marathon cheering you on!

JeffM said...

Boston under 3 for you should be extremely doable! And a half, should be a good year.

AndraSue said...

Holy moly, you're a fast one, aren't ya? Good luck with your training this year...looking forward to reading all about it. Stay warm this weekend; I hear it's a bit cold in OH! :)

Charlie said...

Have fun with your goals.
It's nice to have a plan.
I look forward to following your sucesses through out the season.