Sunday, March 25, 2007

20 mile run, Tests, now Taper for Boston!

For the last 2 weeks I was looking forward to running my final 20 miler before the Boston Marathon. I found online that a local running store was hosting a fully aided 20 mile Boston prep run and I decided to sign up and enjoy the camaraderie within the beautiful and scenic Cuyahoga Valley National Park.
But then, earlier this week I was asked by one of the professors in the Sports Science department here at CSU to participate in a study on the effects of counterpulsation on delayed onset of muscle soreness. I guess they use this treatment on heart patients to help relieve chest pain and other symptoms of angina and to relieve the symptoms of heart failure which include trouble breathing and feeling very tired even after a small amount of effort.
The test would be in 2 parts and both require the subjects to run 20 miles at 70% of maximum heart rate. The first test would measure and compare blood test results of before and after the run and to determine the inflammation rates of soreness up to 5 days.
The second part of the test we run 20 miles under same conditions and after the run we get strapped in a bed, for about an hour, into what looks like inflatable cuff pads to compress the legs to force blood flow back up into the heart. The professor said it will feel like a good but tough message of the legs. And that he suspects the healing and soreness would be greatly reduced as compared to normal recovery time.
Today's Stats:
weight before the run 139 lbs.
after the run 135 lbs. (I need to drink more during the run)
C-Reactive Protein (is measure of inflammation in the body) before the run .72 mg/L
C-Reactive Protein after the run .96 mg/L (both results were in normal range)
Drank 24 ounces of apple cider vinegar & honey water mixture. (works better than Gatorade)
Average heart rate 130 BPM (75% max HR)
Run time 2:23:54
Urine specific gravity 1.016 UG. (after run and results in normal range)
There was other blood tests but I don't have the results yet. I'll post them later.
I won't be able to get the second treatment until after Boston. I'll recover 2-3 weeks before I run 20 and then get cuffed. Interesting test results to follow.
And now I will enjoy some rest from intense training and begin to mentally prepare for the 111th running of the Boston Marathon.


DaisyDuc said...

Should be very interesting to see the rest of the results!

It was a perfect morning for that Boston prep run!

The Salty One said...

You missed a great run yesterday, but it sounds like it was for a good cause. How interesting!

More importantly, YEAH! It's taper time!! Boston here we come!

Neese said...

you weigh 139? that's it i'm losing weight no wonder i'm a slow poke!

enjoy your taper! keep us filled in on what you do!

GP said...

Thanks for the Vertical Runner link. I'm new to the running/training community, so it's great to learn about these types of resources.

Enjoy your taper and here's to Boston!

miss petite america said...

that's some intimate knowledge of your body there!! but should be interesting to see the outcome.

i am utterly utterly impressed you're running boston. enjoy your taper!

E-Speed said...

You are going to do great at Boston!

The test sounds very interesting.

Brian said...

Do they need more test subjects? In the name of science, I'll gladly endure multiple 20-milers : ) Enjoy your taper!

JeffM said...

The cuff pads sound interesting- look forward to hearing about that.
Good luck at Boston!!

Lana said...

Very interesting stuff, Papa Louie. I am very interested to see how the next treatment goes. I'll be cheering for you down here in TN during the Boston Marathon - you are going to do great. You are really in some great shape!

Deb said...

We'll be arriving the same day so I'll make sure to get in touch with you before we leave. Can't wait to meet you and Mrs. Louie!

Tri-Dummy said...

That is really interesting...the part where you drink apple cider vinegar and honey...GROSS!