Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Thousands of them.

I was looking forward to running on the track outdoors yesterday until I saw them.
It was a beautiful sunny, but cold 20 degrees and the track had no snow on it. It did have what seemed like thousands and thousands of Canadian Geese's honking and crapping in the field and on the track. I spotted them outside of the track and as I approached I picked up a whipping stick, not to hit them with, but to scare them if they got in my way and to help brush the thousands and thousands of geese crap away from my lane.

I ran the first mile as part of my warm up. During the warm up I was sweeping the track with the stick to clear the way for my interval sets of 1K, 2K, 1K, 1K runs.

Start with 2 mile warm up.
1K = 3:41
2K = 7:22
1K = 3:35
1K =3:35
between each set I walked/jogged 400 meters.
Finished workout with a 1 mile cool down.

My spilt times were about 8 - 10 seconds slower than what I wanted but with the cold and having to share the track with the geese I'll take it and say I had a challenging workout.


Mallie said...

You're a brave man. Lanes full of good crap don't sound like much fun, plus they can be mean and nasty creatures. Great job on getting in the workout despite the uninvited guests.

Kim said...

Good deal!! I can just picture you running down the track surrounded by all those geese.
Did you rinse your shoes off afterwards?

Deb said...

Hey Louie! Nice to see your post.
Sweeping the track? YIKES! Boston is coming and we've got pasta to eat! The North End.....YUM!

Kewl Nitrox said...

I'm with Mallie. I would've gone home.

Was catching up on your previous post - what a fit, trim and good-looking father of the bride! :) She must have been so proud of you.

JenC said...

I despise geese, those pooping, hissing animals. Way to tough it out!

miss petite america said...

ick. i hate bird poop.

JeffM said...

Good thinking with the stick. I probably would have tried not stepping on it and been unsuccessful.

Tri-Dummy said...

That was not joke. Those birds dump bigger than a St. Bernard. They tend to have attitudes, too.

That is why I enjoy our goose hunting season in Nebraska so much.