Wednesday, November 28, 2007

More Off-Season stuff & Quote of the Day

If you have 3 and a half minutes to watch this video it will give you an idea how my Off-Season training began.

I am in my 3rd week of a 12 week Off-Season program from Cyclo-Core and have progressed beyond what these kids are complaining about. I am able to keep up with Graeme as he does the routines and as a result I'm feeling stronger.

I just found out that Graeme is offering a new Off-Season/Pre-Season Triathlon training workout routine and am looking forward to using it in my up coming Triathlon Pre-Season training.

My little quote for today is:
“If you have people around who are telling you that, ‘Oh you’re too old to do this or that,’ get away from them. Age is an attitude. In endurance sports, you get better as you get older.” Lorraine Moller, Olympic Marathon Medalist


E-Speed said...

You are going to be a lean mean machine come spring!

Kewl Nitrox said...

Heh heh good video.

"Age is an attitude" - I sure hope so. I have turned 40! :-)

Sorry I have been away for 4 months, and thanks for checking in on me. I am back with a new blog now "Life to the Full" and I sure hope to see you there sometime.

triguyjt said...

age is a number... period...
nice video. you talked of balance on the bike trainer. i love to balance on stability balls, on my knees and then rotate 4 lb medicine balls around to always work the core.. keep things strong for us "advance and seasoned" ones.