Monday, November 19, 2007

Start of my Official Triathlon Off-Season training

Today is the start of my 12 week core and indoor bike trainer workout for the off season. I will use the INTERMEDIATE 12 Week Training SYSTEM from Cyclo-Core.

Graeme Street, owner of Cyclo-Core guarantees results or I get my money back. I don't think I'll be asking for my money back because I suspect Graeme's workouts will work if I put in some consistent time. I've been using Core and Zen on and off for over a year and the workouts haven't gotten any easier. Maybe after the 12 week program I'll not only "see" results but the workouts will become bearable.

I am hoping the workouts will make me stronger on the bike, and to improve my overall strength.

I want to complete the 12 week program before the end of February so that I can begin a 12 week running training schedule for the May 18th 2008 Cleveland Rite-Aid 10K. I have unfinished business with that race.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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