Wednesday, November 07, 2007

On the trainer

Last night was the first night of my off season to ride indoors on my bike trainer. I needed some kind of inspirational workout to help chase away my indoor spinning blues. So I pulled out a DVD and rode with some of the pro cycling team in the Vegas area.

We had a beautiful ride in the Valley of Fire State Park. The DVD plays good pump up music and all I had to do was follow the prompts of when to sit, stand, increase cadence or intensity.

Now I look forward to more indoor spinning and hope to find more inspirational workout DVD's

more info about this dvd and trailer


Brian said...

You are amazing to be sticking with the trainer during the off months! I'm going to give it a shot this winter as well so I may be asking for some advice!

Lana said...

Awesome...I'll be checking that dvd out. You always give great suggestions like that...soooo glad you updated me on your new blog address!!