Friday, May 19, 2006

Cleveland Bikes to Work Day!

Have you seen these white bikes around the city?
Today was Bike to Work Day in the Cleveland area. After I spotted one of these bikes downtown and noticed the web site posted on the bike I learned from the web site that a group ride would be departing from my neighborhood Arabica. I met the ride leader 7:10 this morning and since cycling is foreign to lots and lots of people it was just the 2 of us heading into town. Traffic on this wet and drizzly, 41 degree morning was light and we made it downtown at the meeting place of a coffee shop around 8:00am. Free bagels and coffee was provided for the riders that came from all directions surrounding the Cleveland area cities. I hung around, met some people including the president of the Cleveland Bikes Club and continued my ride to work.
Maybe more people might get interested in cycling if the bike (pictured above) didn't look so dismal. Nah, I doubt it.


JeffM said...

It takes a dedicated cyclist to ride when it's 41, good job. Seattle has the white bikes, they call them ghost bikes. We don't have them here in Portland.
Good luck in the Marathon this weekend.

E-Speed said...

Huh I did see one of those. I can't remember where though.

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