Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Rest & Relaxation!

It feels so good physically and mentally to have a time of rest and relaxation from all hard training and to have 4 weeks of unstructured workouts before I start my Columbus Marathon schedule.

During my down time I will focus on strength training, easy steady swimming, and bricks(bike then run).
This week workouts look like:
Monday - Swim easy 25 minutes.
Tuesday - Swim easy 33 minutes.
Wednesday - Strength 25 minutes, Swim easy 25 minutes, Brick(Bike 16 miles then run 2 miles barefoot)
Thursday - Swim, Run easy 4 to 5 miles
Friday - Strength, Swim,
Saturday - Brick(Bike long then run 3 miles)
Sunday and Monday - Backpacking Morrison Hiking Trail in the Allegheny National Forest, PA.

BRICK defined:
ICK is how your legs feel for the first part of the run but very important to implement in training to help the legs get use to the bike/run "ick" transition. After doing them once or twice a week for some months your legs will not feel the ICK. I love bricks, especially if I do the run barefoot.

Little Note:
Thank you family, friends, and fellow bloggers for the funny, kind words, and very nice compliments on my recent race. I appreciate all your support. Love, PapaLouie


E-Speed said...

We missed you at the track! Enjoy your break between structured training! You are going to Rock Columbus!

Cliff said...

I love bricks. Especially after a fast ride when you have that adrenaline in your blood. That helps me easing into running.

Hilda said...

That is some good resting season.
Looking forward to read when you will be training for the next maraton.

Thanks for defining Brick, I was wondering about that. Now I know I've without knowing it tried it once... was pretty hard.
I'll find out more about it.

Mojo said...

It sounds like a great plan. I sometimes feel like I need to rest more but don't know how. Reading your weekly routine helps.

JeffM said...

That's a great schedule, two bricks a week. The backpacking sounds really good, hope you have good weather.

qcmier said...

Recover well!!! See you after your rest and relaxation.

rightonq said...

Papa, that's funny that I just posted on a supposed brick and then you actually defined it for me - I had no idea!! You're full of good info.

So, I guess what I did was really more like a SRICK - but that doesn't sound nearly as good.

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