Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Entertainment at the track!

Tuesday's track workout was a 6 X 400 meter repeats. The track was hoping with 2 different high school groups visiting to do some kind of workout. Some of the kids were running/walking and some standing around. For the most part they did their thing without getting in the way of my workout.

I started out entertaining them by running my 1.5 mile warm up barefoot! That was good for a lot of smiles and whispering to one another, "hey you see that old man running with no shoes?" After the warm up I shod my feet with my mizuno's and began my 400 repeats. My intentions were to average each lap around 1:20 but make the last 2 faster.
  • The first and second laps I ran well, and I finished them in a time of 1:19, and 1:16.
  • As I started the 3rd lap one of the kids thought he could try and keep up with "the old man" but I finished ahead of him in 1:16.
  • The 4th lap started with another fresh young spring kid who was able to hang with me until the final stretch where I pulled ahead to finish in 1:12.
  • The 5th lap started with another fresh and a bit cocky kid who actually started about 5 steps ahead of me but I maintained an even distance to the finish with a time of 1:09. I told him he made me work on that one.
  • My last lap I had no one to pace with so I took it easy with a time of 1:29. I made sure I didn't want to go too hard and blow something out and set me out of this weekends half marathon race.


neese said...

ah that is so great to get that speedwork in! i'm not ashamed to say it still takes me awhile to know how far things are when it's spoken in meters. I confess i used a conversion table to know you are running 1 lap around the track. a 1/4 mile, right? Those times are FAST! good for you!


Papa Louie said...

yes, 1 lap around the track is a 1/4 mile. Thanks.

E-Speed said...

It is so cool you can out pace high schoolers!

TriSaraTops said...

Way to beat those kids! ;) They are track students could whip me up and down the block any day of the week!

jessie_tri_mn said...

Those kids can learn something from you... How much you want to bet they'll be warming up barefoot soon :)

DaisyDuc said...

What fun! I can imagine what some of them must have thought when they saw you running barefoot!

Not sure when your competitive peak has are your 400s faster now or when you would have been in high school?

JeffM said...

Your probably a new legend there now, "the barefoot guy who beat everybody!"

Papa Louie said...

I started to run when I was 26 and that was because I was 15 pounds heavier than what I was in high school. After 1 month of 3 miles of 3 days a week running I ran my 1st 5K in 20:46

Eric said...

YOu amaze me with your speed. I wish I was that fast. My son can smoke me on the shorter distances but he can't go long.