Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I am Wired to Win!

Saw this amazing movie at the IMAX theater today during my lunch time. It's only 45 minutes long but worth it's entertaining and educational value.

One of the interesting statements made during the show was, "the brain is capable of generating new neurons throughout our lives".

This is another reason why we Tri; to increase and strengthen the synaptic within our brain through training and racing that we can perform beyond what we thought possible because we are all wired to win!


Deb said...

Hey 'Louie Man'...looks pretty cool. Amazing what our bodies are capable of, huh? Nothing slight of a miracle. I checked out the scientific training schedule.. Not sure if I'm lazy or not comitted enough, but all those terms are confusing to me...Your relationship with triathlon is amazing. You have served each other well!

qcmier said...

Awesome, I'll have to check this out.

psbowe said...

Now I'm really curious to watch it when I get some free time.

Cliff said...

Papa Louie,

That is a very interesting statement.

A book I read that talks about one's strength and how to find it. A chapter talks about the development of the brain. The brain actually goes from a bigger organism down to a smaller organism. As a kid age from 7-13, the neurons will die off and disconnect and leaving only T-3 fiber optic connection. And those connections are what make us have our strengths.

Each one of us is wired to win. Just the process to winnning is individual as our fingerprints.

Anonymous said...

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