Saturday, March 18, 2006

My Oh My 100!

1. My parents immigrated from Hungry to the U.S. in 1956 and had 5 kids.
2. They did their best to raise 5 kids but the importance of education was not stressed at home.
3. I love my parents!
4. I had to repeat the 3rd grade.
5. Got expelled from St. Margaret's of Hungary in the 3rd grade,
6. And wonder how a cute little 3rd grade boy could do such a thing.
7. Attended an all black school from 4th to 6th grade.
8. Attempted to smoked my first cigarette in the 4th grade.
9. After choking and coughing I never smoked again.
10. Went back to St. Margarets for 7th and graduated from 8th grade.
11. I can speak enough Hungarian to make you laugh.
12. As a kid I have always felt I could do any sport and do it well.
13. I started boxing at age 9 and trained for and boxed in Junior Olympics and AAU tournaments.
14. All from which I learned mental self confidence.
15. The seed of running was planted in me during my boxing career.
16. I married my high school sweet heart when I was 20 years old.
17. I have 4 children: 25, 23, 22, and 8,
18. From the same wife!
19. Our 8 year old was not a mistake.
20. We named him Nathan which means (surprise) gift.
21. My four grand kids call me Papa Louie,
22. And I am the worlds greatest grand father!
23. My life changing experience happened when I was 20 years old.
24. It is when I confessed with my mouth that Jesus as Lord,
25. And believed in my heart that God has raised Him from the dead!
26. My wife and I were baptized (locked arm in arm we went under) together.
27. I learned to read by reading the Bible out loud.
28. Now I love to read.
29. I can whistle and it sounds beautiful when it echoes in the shower.
30. I can whistle with cupped hands which also sounds beautiful in the woods.
31. My wife and I went with my parents to spend 1 month visiting Hungary.
32. If I had to live in Europe it would be in Hungary.
33. Started college when I was 23 and got a B.S. of electrical when I was 29.
34. Singing and psalming with my heart to the Lord is my salvation.
35. Talking to God gives me the sense of life and peace.
36. I know the difference between my soul and spirit.
37. Learning how to follow the inner anointing is not always easy.
38. I am content with who I am, what I have, and where I am at.
39. I realize to live simple is to be spared from a lot of anxiety.
40. Exercising and participating in sports is my Zoloft.
41. I am living in a great country at a great time in the history of mankind!
42. Know thyself is a phrase I am reminded of many times.
43. Writing down this list is a creative exercise of my mind,
44. And I wonder how a psychologist would analyze this list.
45. I like to K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid)!
46. I enjoy finding objects in the night sky.
47. A recurring dream I have is me flying.
48. I want to have my fathers attitude of being young in heart
(He says he's still 39),
49. And my 8 year old son's spirit of enjoying so much of life!
50. To me longevity is to be right with God, man, and yourself.
51. I don't always like what goes around comes around,
52. But I realize what you sow is what you reap!
53. There are 6 words to live by; I am sorry! I love you!
54. I realize we go through times and seasons, ups and downs, so I am reminded,
55. And this too shall pass.
56. I want the left side and right side of my brain to live in harmony.
57. I don't want to live a lop-sided life.
58. I like to apply, "organization is the key to efficiency", to all aspects of my life.
59. Wilderness backpacking is good for my soul,
60. Because I am reminded that it is great to be alive!
61. I started running the summer of 1986,
62. Because I woke up one morning and saw I had gained 15 pounds since the 12th grade.
63. It was the cheapest and obvious decision for me to get started in running.
64. After 1 month of 3 miles running every other day I lost the 15 pounds.
65. Ran my first 5 K after 1.5 months of running.
66. After 18 years of running and racing from the mile to marathons I finally did a triathlon.
67. I love triathlons because I can swim fast, bike faster, and run the fastest.
68. Triathlon training has made me more physically stronger than I have ever been.
69. Since eating right and exercising I weigh less than what I did in high school.
70. I am running faster than I have in the past 5 years.
71. Maybe one day I might hear a race announcer shout, "Papa Louie, You are an Ironman"!
72. Eating healthy is important to me but I am not a snob I'll eat a hot dog once in awhile.
73. I can miss a workout with the club for family obligations (like grand kids school play),
74. But I'll get irritable if I miss too many workouts in a row.
75. The secret in this selfish sport is to find balance in my life.
76. This summer I am going to try a fresh fruit and vegetable (with some juice)
diet for 1 week.
77. I'd like to learn about sports management when I grow up,
78. It would be my way of giving back to the sport.
79. I bought a unicycle after having one over 30 years ago,
80. And I can still ride a unicycle.
81. My son wants me to teach him how to ride a unicycle, I bought him one for his birthday.
82. To teach requires patience and I enjoy teaching things I know.
83. I enjoy inspiring and encouraging others regarding health and exercise.
84. I appreciate all the encouragement and support that multisport athletes share.
85. It is important to remind myself and others to have fun in the sport we do.
86. I need to run and walk around barefoot more than I do,
87. So that I can absorb the energy from the earth.
88. I think I have beautiful feet,
89. But I would love to have a pedicure!
90. My body is a temple for the Lord, so I eat right and exercise my body in multisports.
91. The "thorn in my flesh" is in my shoulder.
92. I wish I could find a solution to remove the thorn,
93. But maybe His grace is sufficient for me.
94. I am glad yoga teaches me how to breathe.
95. I breathe in for revitalization and breathe out to cleanse my body!
96. Where do I go from here?
97. I press on toward the prize!
98. Day by day and moment by moment.
99. To a high calling! To be complete!
100. Looking forward to my 100th birthday so that I can bike 100 miles!


TriSaraTops said...

Very cool list, Papa Louie!! 1956 was a pretty significant year in Hungary...the history teacher/geek in me would love to know more! Maybe we can chat sometime! I still can't believe you're a grandpa--you just look too young! :)

E-Speed said...

I am working on one of these but it is taking forever!

i think it is so cool that you are riding a unicycle and running barefoot! I think you really embody the saying "Carpe Diem!"