Monday, March 13, 2006

Is this a rest day?

Today was rest day from any triathlon training or was it?
* If you don't count the 30 minute ride on my unicycle in the park with
my son following me on his bike.
* The 30 minute core workout with weights on the ball.
* The 15 minutes spent learning how to freemount the unicycle (and I am proud to say,"I can freemount" which means I can get on the unicycle unassisted).
Then maybe it was a rest day and all the fun I had in extra physical activity shouldn't count towards triathlon training. Not!
My online training log Beginner Triathlete added a Unicycling sport category at my request. Now I can record my unicycling along with my other triathlon training workouts. I guess no rest day for me if I'm having fun playing.

According to the Unicycling Society of America 10 Skill Levels of Unicycling I can say level 1 is in the bag and now I can start to practice some of the level 2 skills.

mount unicycle unassisted
ride 50 meters
dismount gracefully with unicycle in front

mount with left foot
mount with right foot
ride 10 meters between two parallel lines 30 cm apart
ride a figure eight with circle diameters smaller than 3 meters
ride down a 15 cm vertical drop
make a 90 degree turn to the left inside a 1 meter circle
make a 90 degree turn to the right inside a 1 meter circle

I was told by some that I might have to participate in a triathlon with some handicap by using my unicycle instead of my Quintana Roo Kilo. Now doesn't that sound like fun?


qcmier said...

If you are going to be riding your unicycle, can I borrwo your QR? =)

Cliff said...

I don't know about being handicap papa Louie...first a unicycle is much lighter than a bike..

second, it is much easier to mount and dismount....during T1 and T2

btw, is it possible to ride a uniccycle in clipless??

jessie_tri_mn said...

How about getting a bike computer installed on that uni? What a hoot that would be to see in a tri.

Sounds like fun cross training!

psbowe said...

I would certainly count that as a cross training day.

olga said...

What is unicycle?

Hilda said...

So you have many things new around, I'll keep track on them!

Thanks a lot for the information there is so much to learn around.

olga said...

OK, I got the unicycle burn (in my dream - I can't even bicycle), I also read your post about barefoot running - heard it many times, but your try made me want to try, and saw the stuffed cabbage - we have the same dish too! Very cool, thanks for the info, I'll swing by again.