Saturday, March 25, 2006

3 Ring Circus!

Today's workout was like a 3 ring circus.

The first ring I jumped in was at 7:45am. It was a hilly 10 mile run. The run was on rural roads with very limited traffic. The weather looked threatening with gray storm clouds overhead, but the snow storm held off until later in the morning. I brought my playaway book on tape, Rich Dad, Poor Dad but it kept turning off so I stopped it and put in my pocket. I was left to enjoy the peaceful scenery, concentrate on my form, and think about the deeper things in life. I was able to maintain a steady performance averaging 7:30 miles.

The second ring consisted of a 15 mile bike ride with my Cleveland Triathlon Club. Before I took off riding I changed my wet shirt, pants and socks into dry clothes. We were scheduled to do a training ride which was 5 times around Hinkley Lake, a 3 mile loop, to help us familiarize ourselves with the Hinkley Duathlon Race course. We did this workout last Saturday and I wanted to push myself today to simulate race pace and mentality. It was good to be out riding with the club.

The third ring was to complete the workout with a run around the lake. I teamed up with a fellow club member and we enjoyed conversing about training. Our effort was hard at times but easy enough to save us from getting wiped out.

To summarize the 3 ring workouts:
10 Mile Hilly Run in 1:15.55
15 Mile Hilly Bike Ride in 51:00
3 Mile Hilly Run in 22:00

To top off all the fun I had with the workouts we later took the grand kids to see the Circus which came to town. And yes there was a 3 ring circus setup with acrobats, a clown, and some animals. No tigers maybe because of the animal activists protesting a few years ago about animal cruelty. If you ask me, just like I had fun with the 3 rings, the animals looked like they were also having fun.


psbowe said...

Rick Dad, Poor Dad on your workout? Hmmm, interesting.

Great job on your 3 ring circus! Made me tired just reading about it.

Cliff said...

Robert Kiyosaki..

u gotta tell me what you think about the book.

Great training.