Thursday, March 30, 2006

Great time!

Had a great tempo run on the track today during luch time. My warm up was from work to an out door track about a mile away. My plan was to run a steady 5 miles averaging 6:24 each mile. I was out in t-shirt and shorts enjoying the sunny day with 49 degree temperatures. After running 20 laps around the track I completed the 5 miles in 31:50 which I felt was a great time.

Today I signed up for the Wendy's International Triathlon!
The race is held on June 11th in Alum Creek State Park and is my first triathlon race of the season. We will swim 1/2 miles, bike 16.8 miles, run 3.1 miles.
I am getting all geeked up for the race season to start.


E-Speed said...

It is gorgeous out!

Worrisome though as I would prefer for it not to be 70+F in Boston again this year ;)

Cliff said...

Papa Louie,

I am just looking at your avatar pic...are u running so fast that u are run on water :O

Papa Louie said...

Yep, that's me running on water!

qcmier said...

Don't know if I can keep up with you on those runs yet, but I'll try to run with you sometime soon.

Cliff, Papa Louie really must be a faithful man.

Kewl Nitrox said...

Heh heh... I just noticed the "running on water" picture too. TOO KEWL! :)

Nothing gets the geek on like registering for a race!

And 5 miles in 31:50 is a fantastic time in my books!!

Deb said...

Wow... reading blogs for inspiration and yours certainly is! First of all, how awesome to read your profile and how blessed & honored you are by your wife, kids and faith. Nice to see it 'put out there' is everything.
Your training is great. Kudo's's a lot to juggle and apparently you do it very well. Congrads!

trifrog said...

Oh yeah - race time!

If you're willing to go down Columbus way to race, check out Fat Rabbit Racing's events. They put on a quality production and their proceeds usually benefit a local non-profit. And you can't go wrong with a race director that prays over the racers at the starting line.

trifrog said...

forgot the link...
Fat Rabbit Racing